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We are the leading service providers for wide range of Sony televisions available in the market.

The expert technicians present with us takes care of all the issues to tackled which includes the basic working to the irreparable damages caused to the TV. All the problems are handled carefully and the solution is provided by untangling all the defects identified by technician and the major concerns reported by customers.

The basic sanity checks are performed before returning it back to the customer and we make sure it is in a healthy working state and is devoid of all the problems.

Being in a metro city and having busy schedule makes us to rely more on gadgets which make our lives easier in many ways. To find the entertainment for the kids, to watch the favorite movies we want, to have the privilege of Watching with whole family together and to glance at the news for the day we are mostly dependent on television.

Adapted to watching since the past 30 years have made television a predominant part of our life.

Our motto is to make the television work in a designed manner and to make them accessible at point of time without any disturbance. We are happy to be part of Sony TV servicing and to be able to serve our customers and their satisfaction is the most valuable present we get in return.

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